Not many people think about the impact sunglasses have on their day to day, attitude & overall confidence. Rubi Noire is here to remind you that sunglasses are the most important accessory you will EVER own! (Yes, we said it) 

 They are the key accessory holding the story of your personality & your style. They are "the crowns to your face" , "the eyes to your style" , the "damn, I feel good today" & the "yaaaaas honey!" in your step! 

 Sunglasses are basically your best friends; you go everywhere together! They make you feel confident & boost your ego. They support you on bad days, conceal your tears & anxiousness. 
They never tell that cutie other there that you're looking & they'll even hide a hangover for you - never thought about it like that have you? 

 Which is why we push to look beyond the style when finding the perfect pair! Let's take a 'look behind the frames' at the timeless frame designs ideal for all seasons & all moods


If you are a sunglasses babe or beaux, you already know your frames. 

If not, not to worry, have a browse Behind The Frames to help you find the perfect pair of stylish sunglasses to make you feel like a BOSS!!



XXL frames always make a statement. The bigger the frames, the bigger the personality! Investing in this style will always make you feel like a savage, ready for a hot girl summer!

“Everybody got their own swag.” – Megan Thee Stallion


The rectangle shape has been popular since the 90's & dominated the sunglasses trends in 2020. The acetate frame looks amazing in any colour! Think Aaliyah, Missy Elliot 90's vibe & you'll feel like you've jumped into a Hype Williams music video.

“I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original.” – Aaliyah


A great unisex shape for all. The silhouette goes perfectly with any lens from blacked out, to reflective, to an ombre or a coloured tint. The artist H.E.R is known for a wid collection of sunglasses along with a aviators with a lens so extremely reflective, so when you try to look directly in her eyes, you see yourself.

"Can you focus on me?" - H.E.R